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Wildfire Awakening Aromatics

Bee's Dream Bath Salt Tea, honey and floral milk soak.

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Bee's Dream Bath Salt Tea, Christmas gift, treat yourself with honey and floral milk soak.

Bring sexy back with this blend of sensual flower petals and skin softening organic honey powder and buttermilk.

Clean up of the tub is a breeze with these sealed tea bags. Just drop in the bath, soak, and discard when done. No more picking herbs off your nether regions or petals sticking to the soap scum line!

Great bridal gift for her, bridesmaid gift, valentine's day, birthday, new mom, or Mother's Day gift with these easy cleanup bath salts.

Contains 3 bath teas per bag.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, baking soda, sea salt, sodium chloride, rose petals, jasmine petals, organic honey powder, buttermilk powder, ylang ylang essential oil.

We believe healing, vitality, and manifesting occurs when you feel good, relax, and practice self-care. In a busy stressful world, this becomes more challenging. At Wildfire Awakening Aromatics, we create products from high quality natural sources, designed by a Natural Health Practitioner. Free of most top allergens, you can focus on relaxing, treating yourself, and feeling good.

We offer handcrafted natural aromatherapy shower steamers, bath bombs, soaps, and bath teas to meet your favorite way to pamper yourself.

Return policy: Due to the nature of these products there is no return or refund available.

Bath Salt Teabag, easy cleanup, bridal gift her, organic honey, buttermilk with rose petals and jasmine flowers make A Bee's Dream Bath Tea