Wholesale lot 40, Shower Steamer Puck, 6 aromatherapy blends to choose from.

Wholesale lot 40, Shower Steamer Puck, 6 aromatherapy blends to choose from.

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Aromatherapy shower steamer pucks, 2.5 oz Also known as shower melts or shower bombs.

It's a time saver when you don't have time for a bath but still want the benefits of essential oils in your daily routine.

Use by placing towards the opposite end of the tub/shower as the drain. The more water that hits the puck, the faster it dissolves releasing essential oils into the air. The a more intense burst of aromatherapy, kick into more direct water flow.

As always, all Wildfire Awakening Aromatics products are gluten-free (celiac household), nut free, corn free, no dyes, no artificial colors, no artificial fragrances, parabens free.

Available in 6 different essential oil blends to suit your mood.

Breathe Clear - a menthol-free phlegm moving blend to help open lungs and ease sinus congestion without the eye burning menthol effect.

Good Morning Citrus - a refreshing, mood lifting blend to help you start the day off I the right side of the bed.

Lavender Love - simple and soothing lavender will help calm, relax, and send you off for a good night's sleep.

Relax & Regroup - Wildfire Awakening's signature scent designed to help soothe, relax, and ground those that need stress relief.

Spice & Everything Nice - An immune boosting blend chock full of eucalyptus, lemon cinnamon, rosemary and clove.

Mountain Meadow - Lift your mood with an happy blend of floral essential oils. This blend promotes feelings of being loved

Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, arrowroot powder, sodium chloride, essential oil blend (bergamot, ylang ylang, geranium lemon, coriander, tangerine, jasmine, roman chamomile, palmarosa, rose).

Each shower puck is around 2.5 oz and well last 1-3 showers depending on how direct you have the water hitting it. Comes shrink wrapped and labelled with a barcode.

We believe healing, vitality, and manifesting occurs when you feel good, relax, and practice self-care. In a busy stressful world, this becomes more challenging. At Wildfire Awakening Aromatics, we create products from high quality natural sources, designed by a Natural Health Practitioner. Free of most top allergens, you can focus on relaxing, treating yourself, and feeling good.

We offer handcrafted natural aromatherapy shower steamers, bath bombs, soaps, and bath teas to meet your favorite way to pamper yourself.

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